VAT Refund

VAT Refund will be applied in relation to the transport activity covers fuel, spare parts, maintenance and repair costs and highway tolls. The following documents are required to receive a VAT refund;

Reviews – Notarized “power of attorney” document if requested by any intermediary
– If the transportation is carried out by the driver on his behalf, a notarized copy of their passports,
– “Tax liability” document showing the tax liability in their own country, (In case of repetition, this document does not need to be submitted again.)
– Originals or notarized copies of the invoice or self-employment receipt issued in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 213 regarding the expenditures made. Reviews – In addition to these documents, foreigners who are carrying out transportation activities must add the following documents:
– With regard to the activities of the TIR Carnet Transportation stubs showing the dates of entry and exit to Turkey, the Transit Accompanying Document or certified copies of the transit declaration, Reviews – Originals or notarized copies of the license plate of the vehicle in which the carriage is carried and the name of the person / company performing the transportation. Reviews Due to these transactions, the return of VAT paid is possible on condition that it is mutual. In this context, countries with reciprocity are listed below.
– Bosnia and Herzegovina,
– Bulgaria,
– Denmark,
– Finland,
– France,
– Netherlands,
– Ireland,
– Switzerland,
– Italy,
– Malta,
– Norway,
– Portugal,
– Romania,
– Slovakia,
– Slovenia
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